We created our own delicious, carefully crafted, lassi, mocktails, smoothies, krushers that anyone can enjoy. End your thirst with the taste of Dessi Cuppa located on a busy corner site in Chennai – Hyderabad – Kerala – Bangalore – Mumbai – Goa – Vizag – Dubai.


Our Story

DessiCuppa is one of India’s fastest growing beverage brand providing Juices, Mocktails, Lassi & Smoothies. It is Widely spread across 200+ Locations throughout India & Dubai.

We offer huge Varieties of Drinks with a Gigantic Menu of 100+ Items. Our menu includes Varieties of Tasty & Delicious options like Thirst Quenchers, Exotic Flavors, Health Packed Drinks.

Each Season has its own Moods, Swings & Significance and accordingly, Varieties of Drinks are available at DessiCuppa as per Seasonal Trends. All Drinks are available at Pocket friendly Prices with Superior Quality & Quantity.





For those with Smoothie indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing nationally and seasonally inspired small cups. We love, lots of different Blend of Lassi, Mocktails, Smoothie, Cold Coffee, and Krushers just like you.

Our menu and the team’s absolute commitment to serve the highest quality of items in all Dessi Cuppa stores has led to our success.

The perfect

Blend store



We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable tasty experience every time.

Every item prepared at Dessi Cuppa has its own signature recipe and is tasty, fresh and prepared by experts

Dessi Cuppa is all about providing an experience and we believe the gateway for that experience begins from your taste, if you’re satisfied, then we have accomplished our first step to entice you with Dessi Cuppa experience.

Now Open! Brand New Dessi Cuppa Store @ Mannadi, Chennai